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Hello :D Jun. 20th, 2006 @ 02:16 pm
1.Real Name: Jennifer
2.Age: 21
3.Location(where you live): Florida
4.Player name: Adrastia
5.Wi-Fi code(if available): Don't have one yet... Haven't had any ds friends to hook up with :)
6.Town: Elfheim
7.Favorite furniture peice: Retro Stereo
8.Favorite Villager: Vesta or
9.Local fruit: Pears!
10.Favorite K.K. song: Surfin'
11.When did you start playing AC: A week after it came out.
12.Favorite NES game(if available): A boy and his blob :)
13.Favorite visitor(or local celebrity): They all annoy me so far, especially resetti.
15.Favorite in-game activity: Fishing. I caught a Dorado a few days ago, hooray!
Current Music: B52's - Rock Lobster

Feb. 20th, 2006 @ 08:36 pm
1.Real Name: Amber
2.Age: 18
3.Location(where you live): USA
4.Player name: Amber (I'm so creative, don't cha know)
5.Wi-Fi code(if available): 3952-0275-4030
6.Town: Kapa (I swear, I think I've seen this town name on some other game, it sounds so familiar)
7.Favorite furniture peice: Florence flask (Reminds me of mad doctors)
8.Favorite Villager: Alice (But Elvis is spiffy too, what with that name)
9.Local fruit: Peach
10.Favorite K.K. song: I...don't have one.
11.When did you start playing AC: A few days ago. Shh. We can just deny that.
12.Favorite NES game(if available): It's not available. I just like answering questions when I don't have to.
13.Favorite visitor(or local celebrity): Elvis. Because he's left the building. Or not.
15.Favorite in-game activity: Decorating my house.

Grin. How's it going, lovelies?

Feb. 19th, 2006 @ 05:47 pm
1.Real Name: Claire
2.Age: 19
3.Location(where you live): UK. London
4.Player name: Imdaewen
5.Wi-Fi code(if available): 5025-7567-3827
6.Town: Erona
7.Favorite furniture peice: Pyramid
8.Favorite Villager: Mitzi
9.Local fruit: Oranges . (I also have coconuts and peaches)
10.Favorite K.K. song: None
11.When did you start playing AC: Wild World... imported it from USA
12.Favorite NES game(if available): For the SNES... Yoshis Island
13.Favorite visitor(or local celebrity): That Camel
15.Favorite in-game activity: Fishing

What's available in January? Jan. 14th, 2006 @ 12:20 pm
All those strategy guides on line cramping your style, and your eyes? Well, look no further, here's a new monthly feature in AC_Exchange!!!
You could sort through the strategy guides or game FAQs...but then again, if you just want some info and want it quick, check here at the very end of each month for the skinny on Bugs, Fish, and events that happen in the coming up month!!! I hope this guide is helpful :)-Ed-


1.Bitterling>River>All day
2.Pale Chub(non peak)>River>Noon
3.Crucian carp(Non peak)>River>All day
4.Dace(Peak)>River>Morning, Evening, Night
5.Barbel Steed(peak)>River>All day
6.Carp(non peak)>All day
7.Koi(Rare)>River>Morning, Evening, Night
8.Goldfish(Rare)>River>All day
9.Popeyed Goldfish(Rare)>River>Noon
10.Freshwater Goby(Rare)>River>Morning, Evening, Night
11.Yellow Perch(peak)>River>Morning, Noon, Evening
12.Black Bass(non peak)>River>All day
13.Pond smelt>Pond>All day
14.Stringfish(Rare)>River>Morning, evening, night
1.Sea butterfly>Ocean>All day
2.Horse Mackerel>Ocean>All day
3.Sea Bass>Ocean>All day
4.Red Snapper(non peak)>ocean>All day
5.Dab>Ocean>All day
6.Olive Flounder(Rare/peak)>ocean>All day
7.Squid(non peak)>Ocean>All day
8.Octopus(non peak)>ocean>all day
9.Football fish(rare)>ocean>morning, evening, night
10.Tuna(rare)>ocean>all day
11.Coelacanth(Rare)>Ocean(rain or snow)>Morning, evening, night

1.Bee>In tree>All day
2.Ant>Ground>All day
3.Mole cricket(rare)>underground>all day
4.Dung beetle(Rare)>Near snowballs>evening, night
5.Pillbug>under rocks>all day
6.Fly>Raflesia, rotten turnips, or garbage>all day
7.Cockroach(rare)>on trees>all day

1.January 1st>New years day>Fireworks display
2.January 14th>La-Di-Day>pick a new town song
3.January 15th>Fishing tourney>noon-6pm>fish for trophy
4.January 22nd>Yay Day>Be nice to your neighbors
5.All Month>Snowman>Make a perfect snowman for furniture

New Member Survey Jan. 12th, 2006 @ 09:14 pm
Alright, we are a live journal community, which means we have to do the same old thing which is...A group survey...

1.Real Name:
3.Location(where you live):
4.Player name:
5.Wi-Fi code(if available):
7.Favorite furniture peice:
8.Favorite Villager:
9.Local fruit:
10.Favorite K.K. song:
11.When did you start playing AC:
12.Favorite NES game(if available):
13.Favorite visitor(or local celebrity):
15.Favorite in-game activity:

Of course, this thing is completely voluntary...do it if you want:-P
Other entries
» Soon to be online
I am planning on soon setting up times and dates for scavenger hunts and other type things. If you like this idea feel free to set up your own as well.

A quick hint... A lot of places say that coconuts that wash up on shore should be taken to Nook...well I say that's a big load of nonsense...Plant them! Of course, they are tropical so any old spot will not do for these picky plants. An easy solution...plant them near the beach! I started with my one coconut that washed a shore, and now I have around 16 palm trees and soon to be more! It's a great solution for those who can't go online and get non-local fruit to grow...each tree may only carry 2 fruit but they still sell for 500 bells a piece making it worth it to grow them...Don't forget to water them though!:)

Well, I'm going to be getting back into my AC world, I'll post a story or two later about my experiences. Later!-Ed-
» New pattern of the week!!!
Alright, I made this pattern using "Paint Shop Pro 8" and "ANICRO DESIPRO"

"ANICRO DESIPRO" is a free program that lets you turn any image file into an animal crossing design...just google search it!:) Anyway, here ya go!

» K.K. Slider song list
List of K.K.'s Songs taken from "Wikipedia"...go figureK.K._RockS!!!Collapse )
» what to do on a daily basis...
What should I do in town each new day?
1.search for fossils
there are usually 3 fossils burried every day. dig them up if you have the shovel, then take them to blathers. once you have enough in the museum, you will start getting duplicates that will sell to Nook for a lot...sometimes 5000 sometimes more!

2.Shake the trees
Two trees will be hiding furniture
and there will be a gain of around 1500 bells hiding in the trees also(in 100 bell sacks) You can also get fruit, and use it to plant more trees or sell for more bells.

A few trees will be hiding bees. If you want to catch one, I suggest you get the 3000 bell insurance from Lyle when he comes to town, also make sure you have a net...here's what you do...if a hive falls out of a tree, hit the x button to pull up your inventory screen. Equip your net, and watch the upper screen. the bees will circle your head...keep watching and you will notice that every once in a while they will circle above your head...here's what you do, when they circle above your head, get out of your inventory and swing the net...you may get a bee...if you do, you can sell those bad boys for 4500 bells...if not Lyle will eventually give you 100 bells for every time you get stung (If you have insurance).

3.hit all the rocks with your shovel.
Some rocks will be hiding a pill bug for those trying to get the museum collection full, and then also...1 rock every day will be hiding 8500 bells...if you do it right...hit it without pausing long...7 times in a row. If you dig a hole or pause too long, it will stop spitting out bells before you get the full 8500...it spits out 4000,2000,1000,800,200,400,&100 bell sacks.

***A quick hint to help get all of 'em...when hitting the rock stand to the back of it, dig three holes in a row behind where you will be standing to hit the rock, then start hitting the "a" button with shovel in hand...the holes will keep you from sliding to a possition where you won't hit the rock, and you will get the full 8500 bells...***

4.check lost and found/recycle bin:
not everyday, but often enough you will find things like shirts or furniture here...it may seem dumb since you don't get many bells for this stuff, but having a lot of furniture and or shirts in your catalog in the store helps loads when it comes to villagers wanting certain items.

5.Visit all the townsfolk.
Do their oddjobs, and get rewarded...sometimes. Remember, this is a world, and the villagers have feelings, be a good neighbor and eventually they will reward you very nicely, treat them bad(push them around bury pitfalls) and they will leave town.

yep...fish when you have nothing left to do...it will net you some bells...

7.Watch the sky!
shoot down balloons...they have a chance to show up whenever the time reads **:*4(* being any numer) listen for the woosh of the breeze, and watch the upper screen, use the slingshot. If you see a shooting star press "A" quick to make a wish.

8.Everything else in between
water half dead plants, pull weeds, pay off mortgage

In paying off your mortgage...there are in fact 6 different expansions you can get for your house beyond the house you start with...the final has three ground floor rooms, a basement, and two upper floors. a lot of room for all your collectibles...it will cost you big each time you expand though...But hey, it looks good when people visit your town through wi-fi!!!;)
» New to AC? some hints!
Allright, so you just got this game "Animal Crossing" and all that happens is Nook is yelling at you to pay off your mortgage and work for him blah blah blah...well, no need to fear...all hope is not lost in the world of AC! there are bells to be made...even in the begining!

So where to start...first off, do all the tasks Nook asks you, there aren't many, and once you are done, you can actually earn some real cash er bells well, you get the idea.(these are going to be centering around wild world, although a lot of the hints work in both games)

Here are the things you have to remember about selling things to Nook:

1.The rarer the item the higher the sell price
2.The harder it is to acquire things the higher the sell price
3.You don't get much for furniture, clothing, paper, or tools(even golden ones)
4.Some fruit sells more than others
5 watch the turnip market

Now, I'll give examples for each of these

1. A fossil sells more by far than say a seashell
2.A bee will net you a load more than a pill bug
3.It speaks for itself...you can pay 1000 bells for something and sell it back for 100 bells
4.In my town a coconut sells for 500 bells while a peach sells for 100
5. Sunday morning you can catch Joan out with her turnips...watch the market and you can make a great amount of bells...just talk to Nook about the market.

I'll be posting up many many more of these types of tips...I hope this helps anyone new to the series...also...if you get bored...you can time travel...I've set the clock backwards, and forwards, and it never gains Mr. Reseti's attention...He only cares if you turn your game off without saving...You know, just mess with the time if you want to skip ahead and back again...and every new day, no matter if it's forward or backwards, you can go through the list of what to do everyday...they all reset whenever you switch to a different day...even if you allready played that day...also after you save, none of your things dissapear if you go back in time, and all trees planted after that date go back in time with you. nothing in town changes...just the date. This is cheating, but eh, it's a fast way to do things like get all the tools or grow the golden shovel, or even get a lot of fossils.-Ed-
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