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Animal Crossing Exchange

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My Town is Open Nov. 14th, 2008 @ 07:57 am
If anyone else has Animal Crossing: City Folk already, please visit me!!!

If you have a fruit other than oranges, please please please bring them over!

Hi Everyone! Nov. 13th, 2008 @ 09:21 pm
I am joining a lot of communities to tell people that I got my copy early! Here are some pictures
and information about my town
! I don't have an internet connection just yet, but I look forward to having people visit my town!

-Cross posted all over the place-

New friend code because I gots a new DS... Nov. 10th, 2008 @ 06:02 pm
I got a new DS a while back, and gave my other to my girlfriend because she wanted to play AC too... Anyhoo, I have a new FC. Same Town of HolyWood...

Name: Joe
Town: HolyWood
FC: 3050-6447-1492

Adds and post yours :D

Is there anyone willing to open their town tonight? Dec. 31st, 2006 @ 09:52 pm
I'd really enjoy it. D:
I just got my DS fixed for Christmas and I haven't been to someones town in months. D:
My info is such:
Name: Kat :D
Town: Kyoto
Friend Code: 5111-6715-2376
I'd appreciate it~

Visit me! Oct. 28th, 2006 @ 12:32 am
Animal Crossing is fun, but I thought it would be fun to use the WiFi and visit people too. Here's my information.
1.Real Name: Kit
2.Age: 24
3.Location(where you live): Iowa
4.Player name: Machu
5.Wi-Fi code(if available): 0086-7202-4991
6.Town: Twilight
7.Favorite furniture piece: Classic Bed
8.Favorite Villager: Melba
9.Local fruit: Apples
10.Favorite K.K. song: K.K. Salsa
11.When did you start playing AC: October 17th
12.Favorite NES game(if available): N/A
13.Favorite visitor(or local celebrity): anyone but Lyle!
15.Favorite in-game activity: planting, catching bugs, fishing, and running crazy errands.
Other entries
» because it seems to be what everyone is doing...
1.Real Name: Becca
2.Age: 17
3.Location(where you live): Australia
4.Player name: Pizazz
5.Wi-Fi code(if available): 2191-2401-2196
6.Town: Jeherin
7.Favorite furniture piece: Exotic screen
8.Favorite Villager: Poncho
9.Local fruit: Peaches
10.Favorite K.K. song: Don't have one yet
11.When did you start playing AC: Two days ago
12.Favorite NES game(if available): Metroid
13.Favorite visitor(or local celebrity): uh... only had Corimer so far.
15.Favorite in-game activity: designing clothes, getting letters!! Um... and everything else... flowers, fishing, catching bugs, beachcombing, I love it all.
» (No Subject)
1.Real Name:Beth
3.Location(where you live): Canada
4.Player name: Beth
5.Wi-Fi code(if available):5111- 8037-0697
6.Town: Oceanus
7.Favorite furniture piece: Exotic screen
8.Favorite Villager: Rosie!
9.Local fruit: Peaches
10.Favorite K.K. song: Don't have one yet
11.When did you start playing AC: August 2006
12.Favorite NES game(if available): n/a
13.Favorite visitor(or local celebrity): Pascal (He's a beaver! C'mon, so cute!)
15.Favorite in-game activity: Fossilizing! And cross-breeding flowers...
» -

interchange your codes in animalcrssng.
» (No Subject)
1.real name: sara
2.age: 18
3.location(where you live): spain
4.player name: Sara
5.wi-fi code(if available): 4338-6824-6362
6.town: Loqq
7.favorite furniture peice: retro fridge.
8.favorite villager: tanky! :D
9.local fruit: pears
10.favorite k.k. song: -
11.when did you start playing ac: july
12.favorite nes game(if available): super mario world.
13.favorite visitor(or local celebrity): redd or graciela maybe
15.favorite in-game activity: trying to complete my list of bugs and fishes
» (No Subject)
1.Real Name:  Justin
2.Age:  23
3.Location(where you live):  Central Maryland
4.Player name:  Kioshi
5.Wi-Fi code(if available):  4596-3558-5189
6.Town:  LoTown
7.Favorite furniture peice:  Black Katana
8.Favorite Villager:  Rosie - too cute
9.Local fruit:  Apples, but i have all fruit in my town now
10.Favorite K.K. song:  Steep Hill
11.When did you start playing AC:  March-ish...?  i think...?
12.Favorite NES game(if available):  the original castlevania
13.Favorite visitor(or local celebrity):  KK Slider
15.Favorite in-game activity:  Shopping, trying to complete my catalogue
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